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Commercial Vehicle Conference

19 - 20 November 2019

Venue: 10115 Berlin

On 19 and 20 November 2019, the transport industry will meet at the Commercial Vehicle Outlook Conference in Berlin. The event will be carried out by DEKRA in cooperation with ETM Verlag and the special interest magazines lastauto omnibus, trans aktuell and TeleTraffic.

This year's event takes place under the heading: Zero Emissions – Zero Accidents – 100 % Efficiency". In order to provide a wide spectrum, there are two major topics: technology and telematics.


The topics at a glance:

- Drive Systems: Approach to the Future

- Consumption Requirements: Significance for Fleets

- Automated Driving: Choosing the Best Concept

- Security: From Vision Zero to Reality

- Digitization: Telematics as decision maker

- German Telematics Award 2020


Target group:

Engineers, fleet managers, freight forwarders, municipal enterprises, decision-makers in the commercial vehicle and supplier industry, representatives of science and research.

Further information about the program, speakers etc. can be found at http://www.commvoc.com


Of course we offer a free interpreting service from German to English.



TUESDAY, November 19, 2019


08.00: Admission, registration and opening of the exhibition


09.20: WELCOME

09.30: KEYNOTE LECTURE: Megatrends, Situation in the Truck Industry

09.50: KEYNOTE LECTURE: Stand on regulatory framework and industry expectations

10.10: Presentation of the European Safety Award for Commercial Vehicles

10:30: Networking break and exhibition visit


COMMERCIAL VEHICLE TECHNOLOGY: Active safety of commercial vehicles (Session A)


11.00: A 1.1 – Turn assist system legislation

11.20: A 1.2 – Dialog: Turn assist retrofit – technology and eligibility for funding

12.00: A 1.3 – Safety of Mercedes-Benz trucks

12.20 Uhr: A 1.4 – Artificial intelligence for assist systems


TELEMATICS: Bringing up the rear – Trailer telematics (Session B)


11.00: B 1.1 – Trends and Obstacles

11.20: B 1.2 – The digital trailer

11.40: B 1.3 – Krone Smart 4.0 – Keeping an eye on the cargo

12.00: B 1.4 – How data and telematics is driving transformation in the construction industry

12.20: B 1.5 – Connecting all road transport – the journey towards full digitalization

12.40: Lunch, exhibition visit, press conference

14.00: KEYNOTE LECTURE: Electrification of commercial vehicles – from the standpoint of the sub-supplier

14.20 Uhr: KEYNOTE LECTURE: Digitalization – expectations and reality


COMMERCIAL VEHICLE TECHNOLOGY: CO2 reduction – regulatory framework (Session C)


14.40: C 1.1 – Towards Euro 7 – What comes after Euro 6 and CO2 legislation?

15.00: C 1.2 – Vecto development in the future

15.20: C 1.3 – Panel discussion: Who will profit from CO2 thresholds


TELEMATICS: On the platform (Session D)


14.40: D 1.1 – Platforms as basis for new approaches to networking and adding value

15.00: D 1.2 – Short time to high performance in your supply chain

15.20: D 1.3 – Real added values – The 360° utilization of telematics data in the logistics process


15:40: Networking break and exhibition visit


COMMERCIAL VEHICLE TECHNOLOGY: CO2 reduction – alternative drivelines and fuels (Session E)


16.10: E 1.1 – Fuel strategy for goods transport

16.30: E 1.2 – Setting up an LNG infrastructure

16.50: E 1.3 – Comparison of operating costs of LNG and electric trucks

17.10: E 1.4 – Challenges facing motor technology of the future: The multi-power approach of FPT Industrial


TELEMATICS: Retrofitting trucks fort he future (Session F)


16.10: F 1.1 – Digitalization instead of tracking

16.30: F 1.2 – The impact of IoT, Big Data and cloud technology on the transport sector of tomorrow

16.50: F 1.3 – A standard solution to digitally networking all logistic partners

17.10: F 1.4 – The role of telematics in digital scheduling operations


17.30: Day 1 comes to an end


from 19.00:Shuttle service to evening function, reception, welcome, show and award ceremony GERMAN TELEMATICS AWARD 2020, evening meal and conclusion


WEDNESDAY, November 20, 2019



08.50: WELCOME

09.00: KEYNOTE LECTURE: Intercultural exchange – speaking about people

09.20: KEYNOTE LECTURE:E-mobility, autonomous driving, lightweight construction


09.40: Networking break and exhibition visit


COMMERCIAL VEHICLE TECHNOLOGY: CO2 reduction – e-mobility and trailer technology – Part 1 (Session G)


10.10: G 1.1 – CO2 reduction by 30 % by 2030 – What contribution could trailes make?10.30: G 1.2 – The right battery technology for commercial vehicles

10.50: G 1.3 – Dialog with keynote lecture: Sustainable transport solutions (the trolley truck in test)

11.10: G 1.4 – Discussion: E-mobility expectations with the Mercedes eActros and MAN eTGS by way of example


TELEMATICS: Start-up input (Session H)


10.10: H 1.1 – The start-up challenge from Asia

10.30: H 1.2 – Telematics – and then what?

10.50: H 1.3 – Truck parking app – safer parking

11.10: H 1.4 – The digital planner

11.30: H 1.5 – Logistics goes online – opportunities and risks


COMMERCIAL VEHICLE TECHNOLOGY: CO2 reduction – e-mobility and trailer technology – Part 2 (Session I)


12.10: I 1.1 – The MAHLE eWHR Box: Presentation on achieving the CO2-thresholds and improvement of the TCO

12.30: I 1.2 – E-mobility & CO2-free refrigeration in distributor logistics

12.50: I 1.3 – Facts, practical insights and perspectives of electric city transport


TELEMATICS: Cargo tracking made easy (Session J)


12.10: J 1.1 – Low Cost Tracker operating in the logistics sector

12.30: J 1.2 – Tracking & tracing with the new OG network from Sigfox

12.50: J 1.3 – Value of LoRaWAN industrial asset tracking


13.10: Lunch, exhibition visit


14.00: Costs and benefits of innovation

COMMERCIAL VEHICLE TECHNOLOGY: CO2 reduction – conventional drives (Session K)


14.20: K 1.1 – Keynote lecture: New dimensions and weights for heavy commercial vehicles – Results from the revision of 96/53

14.40: K 1.2 – Discussion: Implementation of EC 96/53


15.10: Networking break and exhibition visit


COMMERCIAL VEHICLE TECHNOLOGY: Automation of commercial vehicles (Session L)


15.20: L 1.1 – Keynote lecture: Automated goods transport – a traffic law panacea?

15.40: L 1.2 – Findings of the Platooning practical test

16.00: L 1.3 – Continental and Knorr-Bremse project center for highly automated driving – objective and initial results. Interim findings


16.20 Farewell

Conditions of participation


The respective fee for the two-day conference covers participation at all lectures and podium discussions, catering during the event, conference documentation and participation at the evening event on Tuesday night, 19th November, 2019.


The participant agrees that any photographs taken at the event may be used on the website and in printed media of ETM Verlag.


Participation can be cancelled until 30th October 2019 free of charge. For cancellations until 15th November 2019 you receive a 50% refund. There are no refunds for later cancellations and for non-attendance. Your cancellation must be made in writing either by sending an e-mail to veranstaltung@etm.de or a fax to +49-711-78498-46.


Entry tickets can be transferred to other employees of your company, please don't forget to notify us accordingly.


We reserve the right to make changes to the program. Exclusive venue is Stuttgart.

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