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Commercial Vehicle Conference

19. until 20. November 2019

Veranstaltungsort: 10115 Berlin


On 19 and 20 November 2019, the industry will meet at the Futures Congress Commercial Vehicles in Berlin - organized by DEKRA in cooperation with ETM Verlag and in the specialist magazines lastauto omnibus, trans aktuell and TeleTraffic.


The event organized by DEKRA and ETM Verlag in 2019 has the motto: "Zero Emissions - Zero Accidents - 100% Efficiency". To offer the widest possible range, the event is based on two thematic pillars: technology and telematics.


The topics at a glance:

    Drives and Fuels: Strategy for the FutureConsumption limits: what they mean for fleetsAutomated driving: Which concept has the edgeSafety: From vision to zero to reality Presentation German Telematics Award 2020


Target group:

Engineers, fleet operators, freight forwarders, works transport, municipal enterprises, decision-makers in the commercial vehicle and supplier industry, representatives of science, research and teaching.


Further information about the program, speakers etc. can be found at www.zukunftskongress-nutzfahrzeuge.de.



TUESDAY, 19 November 2019

  • 08.00: Admission, Registration and Opening of Exhibition

  • 09.00: Opening Speech Jann Fehlauer, CEO DEKRA Automobil GmbH

  • 09.10: Greeting Oliver Trost, CEO, ETM Verlag

  • 09.20: Keynote: Megatrends in the commercial vehicle segment, Dr. Kurt-Christian Scheel, CEO Automotive Industry Association (VDA)

  • 09.30: Keynote: Appropriate adjustments adapting the regulatory framework for future road transport (requested)

  • 09.40: Presentation of the European Commercial Vehicle Safety Award by DEKRA, DVR and EVU by accident analysist Jörg Ahlgrimm


    10.30: discussion break with visit to exhibition


    Commercial Vehicle Technology: Commercial Vehicle Security (Session A)

  • 11.00: Legislative Initiative turn-off assistant, BMVI (requested)

  • 11.20: Refitting turn-off assistants with ABE, (requested)

  • 11.40: The new Mercedes Actros – the SafetyTruck, Daimler (requested)

  • 12.00: How assistance systems can be even more effective, Continental


    Telematics: From behind – Trailer telematics (Session H)

  • 11.00: Trends and Obstacles, Carsten Nallinger and Ralf Johanning, ETM Verlag

  • 11.20:  N.N., Marco Reichwein, CEO, Cargobull Telematics

  • 11.40: N.N., Ralf Faust, CEO, Krone

  • 12.00:  The journey to full digitization, Jens Zeller, Idem Telematics


    12.20: Lunch, Visit Exhibition and Press Conference

  • 13.40: Keynote: Electrification from a supplier’s perspective, Winfried Gründler, Senior Vice President, ZF Friedrichshafen

  • 14:00: Keynote: Digitisation – Requirements and Reality, Prof. Heinz-Leo Dudek, Prorektor, Dean Faculty Technology, DHBW


    Commercial Vehicle Technology: CO2- Reduction – regulatory framework (Session B)

  • 14.20: On the way to Euro 7 – Role Model California, Dr. Felipe Rodríguez, Researcher, International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT)

  • 14.40: Vecto – Further steps towards development and progress regarding CO2 legislation of Commercial Vehicles, Artur Runge-Metzger, Director EU-Commission, DG Clima

  • 15.00: Panel debate: who profits from CO2 limits by Thomas Fabian (Commercial Vehicles Director, ACEA), Stef Cornelis (Commercial Vehicles Director, T&E), IRU (requested) und Artur Runge-Metzger (Director, DG Clima); Presentation: Thomas Rosenberger, editor-in-chief lastauto omnibus


    Telematics: Reaching the Platform (Session I)

  • 14.20: N.N., Martin Krajczy, Head of Conizi, Fleetboard Logistics

  • 14.40: N.N., RIO (requested)

  • 15.00: N.N., Project 44 (requested)

  • 15.20: N.N., Peter Jendras, CEO NIC-place


    15.40: Discussion break and visit to exhibition

    Commercial Vehicle Technology: CO2 Reduction – Natural Gas Drives (Session C)

  • 16.10: Fuel Strategy: Introduction of Study Bio-LNG, Stefan Siegemund, Director Head of Division (temporary) Renewable Energies and Mobility, German Energy Agency, Dena

  • 16.30: Introduction of the LNG Study – Development of the LNG-infrastructure for heavy duty-vehicles, Dr. Jörg Adolf chief economist, Shell Deutschland Oil

  • 16.50: Comparison TCO of LNG and E Trucks, Stef Cornelis, Manager Clean Trucks, Transport & Environment (T&E)

  • 17.10: Beyond CNG/LNG –Path to the fuel cell as energy source for heavy duty-trucks, Iveco (requested)


    Telematics: How to upgrade Commercial Vehicles for the Future (Session J)

  • 16.10 Digitalisation instead of tracking, Wolfgang Schmid, Sales Manager, TomTom Telematics

  • 16.30 N.N., Transics (requested)

  • 16.50 N.N., Uwe Tonne, CEO, Couplink (requested)

  • 17.10 N.N., Thomas Brabender, CEO, Brabender (requested)


    17.30 Farewell Day 1


    Wednesday, 20 November 2019

  • 08.00 Admission, Registration and Opening of the Exhibition

  • 08.50 Greeting Oliver Trost, CEO, ETM Verlag

  • 09.00 Keynote: How to Connect Cultures within a Company (requested)

  • 09.20  Keynote: E Mobility, Automated Driving, Lightweight Design, Andreas Wimmer, Vice President, Knorr-Bremse

  • 09.40 Keynote (requested)


    10.00 Discussion break with visit exhibition

    Commercial Vehicle Technology: CO2 Reduction – E Mobility (Session D)

  • 10.30 Fuel Cell Trucks for Food Distribution, Hyundai (requested)

  • 10.50 CO2 Reduction potential for Trailer, Tobias Töpfer, responsible for test drive, IAV/DEKRA

  • 11.10 Batteries for E trucks – Evaluating Technological Strategies for commercial vehicles, Sven Schulz, CEO, Akasol

  • 11.30 Sustainable Transport Solutions, Stefan Ziegert, Produkt Manager Alternative Transport Solutions, Scania and Matthias Strehl, CEO, Meyer Logistik

  • 11.50 Panel Debate: Expectations towards E Mobility with the example of MB eActros and eTGS with Martin Zeilinger (Head of Advanced Development Commercial Vehicles, Daimler), MAN as well as different pilot customers


    Telematics: Start-up’s Inspirations (Session K)

  • 10.30: Start-up Challenges from Asia, Max-Alexander Borreck, Principal Transport & Logistics, Oliver Wyman

  • 10.50: Beyond Telematics, Christian Krüger, CEO, Catkin

  • 11.10: Truck Parking App – Safe Parking, Tim Baumeister, Business Development, R+V Lab

  • 11.30: The digital Dispatcher, Gerhard Hänel, CEO, Impargo

  • 11.50: Panel Debate: Logistics goes online – Chances and Risks, Felix Wiegand, CEO, Pamyra


    Commercial Vehicle Technology: CO2 Reduction – E Mobility (Session E)

  • 12.10: WHR – Hybridization of the diesel engine, Hannes Marlok, Project Manager, Mahle

  • 12.30: E Mobility & CO2-free cooling distribution logistics, Roland Klement, Board of Development Schmitz Cargobull

  • 12.50: Facts, Insights and Perspectives of Electric City Transport, Hans-Werner Kopplow and Josha Kneiber, Development Manager and Business Development E-Mobility, BPW


    Telematics: The Easy Way to Cargo Tracking (Session L)

  • 12.10: N.N., Telekom (requested)

  • 12.30: N.N., Stefan Huber, Sales Manager Sigfox

  • 12.50: N.N., Klaus Matthiesen, Sales Manager Germany, Semtech


    13.10 Lunch and visit to exhibition

    14.00: Out of the Box: Experience with E Busses (requested)

    Commercial Vehicle Technology: CO2 Reduction – Conventional Drives (Session F)

  • 14.20: Keynote Speech: New Sizes and Weights for heavy duty-trucks – Results from Revision 96/53, Frederik Rasmussen, Policy Officer, DG Move, EU Commission

  • 14.40: Discussion: Which Challenges arise from the Revision of EC 96/53 with Frederik Rasmussen (Policy Officer, DG Move, EU Commission), James Nix (Director Freight T&E), Thomas Fabian (Commercial Vehicles Director ACEA), BMVI (requested)


    Commercial Vehicle Technology: Commercial Vehicle Automation (Session G)

  • 15:00: Keynote Speech: Necessary Amendments for Automated Driving, Prof. Dieter Müller, Police College of Saxony, Germany and IVV Bautzen

  • 15:20: Dialogue: Construction of the 5G Infrastructure, Volker Noeske, CEO DEKRA Automobil, Telekom (requested)

  • 15:40: Insights into Platooning; MAN, DB Schenker, HS Fresenius

  • 16:00: Project center Automated Driving with Commercial Vehicles, Continental and Knorr-Bremse


    16.20 Farewell

Conditions of participation


The respective fee for the two-day conference covers participation at all lectures and podium discussions, catering during the event, conference documentation and participation at the evening event on Tuesday night, 19th November, 2019.


The participant agrees that any photographs taken at the event may be used on the website and in printed media of ETM Verlag.


Participation can be cancelled until 30th October 2019 free of charge. For cancellations until 15th November 2019 you receive a 50% refund. There are no refunds for later cancellations and for non-attendance. Your cancellation must be made in writing either by sending an e-mail to veranstaltung@etm.de or a fax to +49-711-78498-46.


Entry tickets can be transferred to other employees of your company, please don't forget to notify us accordingly.


We reserve the right to make changes to the program. Exclusive venue is Stuttgart.

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